Visual Questioning Resources for Children with Autism

Who, Why, What, When, Where

Visual Questioning Resources

for Children with Autism & Related communication difficulties.

I have been working on these questioning resources to use in my classroom, all handmade 🙂

My aim is to have an interactive wall in my room which will encourage and guide conversations and evaluations in Art.

I will use the Who, Why, What, When, Where and How to prompt the children to ask a certain type of question and then the Did, Is, Can, Might, Would and Will descriptive cards to help to expand the questions. I aim to use these questioning resources with a range of children with Autism and related communication difficulties to help to direct their questions in a visual way.

I am using the SCERTS model as a basis for this to enable developmentally appropriate expectations on the conversations we are expecting from them. My hope is that this will then transfer into other subject areas so that children are getting the same support across the board enabling them to generalise and practice their skills.


Expressing Emotions through Sensory Art

Expressing Emotions through Sensory Art

Expressing Emotions through Sensory Art

Anger is Bright Red

This is a lesson plan for a sensory session focusing on the emotion of anger, it aims to give a safe environment for children to discuss their feelings of anger whilst engaging in sensory activities.


Anger is a bright red (Room lit bright red)

Like a ripe tomato exploding (let students squash tomatoes or have clip of tomatoes exploding)

It sounds like shouting and screaming for no reason (allow students to try this out or again, have a clip to view)

It smells like fiery smoke (Have a cloth that smells of fire – from a BBQ/burning garden rubbish etc  – pass  it around the class)

It looks like slamming doors and running away (Use drums for the loud BANG of slamming doors)

It feels like crying and hitting everything that comes your way (ask children to remember a time when they have felt like this and discuss)

Anger is Bright Red – lesson plan and sensory poem.