About Me

As a teacher, a mother and an artist I find myself screaming from the rooftops:

“Let them play! If you want creative, independent adults who are in control of their emotions let them do that now. Stop with the structure, the control and the constant lessons and LET THEM PLAY!!! – In the mud, the mess and with the household objects that they love so much”

Through the studio I have in Manchester, outreach work and my range of resources for sale I aim to encourage parents and educators to let children play, to be confident in opening up the magical world of their imagination and to help them to realise that there are no limits to what play and creativity can achieve.

I am a firm believer in the power of play and creativity to help children (and adults) communicate effectively, socialise with others and be able to talk about and understand their own emotions.

The resources I have available in my shop and at the studio are designed to open up the world of play, spark a child’s imagination and lead them into a world of creativity where there is no right and wrong


I studied for a degree in Fine Art Painting at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated with a first class degree in 2008. During my time there my focus was on artwork which gave the viewers a message about emotions, my work also had autobiographical undertones. I started of by working with oil paints on canvas but soon moved into trying to create bigger paintings and installations that jumped out from the canvas. eventually, and partially influenced by my dissertation focusing on creating sensations in artwork I moved completely from the canvas and into installations.

I wanted viewers to immerse themselves in the artwork and to feel different sensations and emotions from them.

Following on from university I gained experience working as a practicing artist as well as delivering various art parties and workshops for children and working for the National Autistic Society.

In 2010 I did a PGCE in Art and Design.

Following on from this I started working in an ASC unit within a special needs secondary school as an Art teacher.

The school I was working at received funding to create a sensory room which I designed and made into a thematic room that changed depending on the theme we were focusing on.

I then went on to develop my own workshops for different groups  of children focusing on multi-sensory art and helping to develop social skills, communication and emotional literacy and regulation; before deciding to open up my own Sensory Art Studios in Northenden.

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